A Host of Services to Keep Your Smile Looking Bright

Our team offers a myriad of in-house services for whole mouth health—regardless of age, condition, prior treatment or no treatment. Our foundational belief is that preventative care and regular healthy hygiene is the key to happy teeth. We strive to create exceptionally pleasant patient experiences in support of that goal.


It’s a simple saying: Teeth for Life. Our team will ensure that every patient we treat has the knowledge they need to keep whole mouth health a priority for life. Dental care is best performed at the early stages of trouble, and even before trouble to prevent the onset of disease and pain. We are experts on preventative care and take the professional time to study digital X-rays, find and treat minor complications before they worsen. Our team is a leader in both detailed analysis and friendly service, something you won’t find elsewhere. We believe you will experience the difference.

  • Comprehensive exams for all ages
  • Full series of X-rays
  • Periodontal maintenance & cleanings, including scaling & root planning
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Mouth guards for clenching, grinding & TMJ


Our experienced team knows that underlying conditions, prior habits or past incidents require professional understanding and timely treatment. We perform the listed corrective procedures internally—right in the comfort of our Cedar Mill office.
Because restorative services are our among our regular offerings, we are especially skilled; we treat each tooth as a valuable, individual case.


In health as in life, looking good often leads to feeling good. With whole mouth health, this is indeed the case. If you care about your teeth on the inside and the outside, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss what cosmetic treatment is best for each individual case. We align preventative care and overall good looks. And these pain-free services are affordable and worthwhile. Our team will help you look your best and feel your best through something as simple as a friendly smile.